Covid-19 Safety Policy

At the Old Log Theatre, the safety of our staff, artists and patrons is our priority.  We will continue to consult, refine, and update our policies as needed. 
•    The Old Log Theatre will follow all state and local mandates.  
•    We highly encourage masks indoors for all guests. 
•    We respectfully request that all unvaccinated guests continue to wear masks when moving throughout the theatre and lobby.
•    We will designate one performance per week for vaccinated guests only starting in November.  Please see the listing on our ticketing page.
•    We will provide refunds for those who have purchased tickets and are concerned. 

•    All Old Log Theatre Artists and Staff are fully vaccinated 
•    Old Log Theatre has just installed a new highly efficient HVAC system with a high-grade circulation and filtration system. 
•    Hand sanitizers are available
•    All public spaces are thoroughly cleaned nightly, and staff are sanitizing surfaces consistently throughout the day.
•    We continue to monitor the health of our employees and enforce those with any symptoms to stay home.

While these policies are intended to ensure everyone at the Old Log Theatre stays safe, they do not guarantee protection against Covid-19.. The Old Log Theatre reserves the right to adjust these policies in the future.