Rancho Mirage

Rancho MirageWeb_edited-1November 8 through December 7, 2013.

“‘Rancho Mirage’ at Old Log is scathing, witty..this is one of the best shows of the season.” – Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Old Log mines a rich vein  with ‘Rancho Mirage’ “‘Lakeshore Weekly News

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The cast from “Rancho Mirage” is featured in this segment on Twin Cities Live.

A bitingly funny comedy about what happens when the fictions that hold our lives together are exposed.

In Steven Dietz’s sharp and surprising sojourn into the psyche of 2012 America — where affluence is perhaps our greatest mirage — three couples, long-time friends, find themselves at a dinner party where everyone finally decides to tell the truth. What remains between us when our youth, our dreams, and our last bottle of wine is gone?

Contains adult situations and language.  Approximate running time: 1 hour and forty-five minutes including intermission.

Director: Kent Knutson

Money ShotCast:
Stacia Rice* (Diane)
James Denton* (Nick)
Ann Michels* (Louise)
David Mann* (Trevor)
Mo Perry (Pam)
Joshua James Campbell* (Charlie)
Clare Seeman (Julie)

* Members of Actors’ Equity Association